How to choose clothes steamer

Species Garment Steamer is really a lot. If you want to select the appropriate device, say to yourself a few questions:

  • how often you intend to use the steamer?
  • how much work he has to?
  • you need only model for curtains, or you also want to steam garments, suits and dresses?
  • how much you're willing to give up?

Hand steamer for curtains

1. Hand Model
2. Stationary vertical steamers
3. Brands

Hand model

esteam-personal-hand-held-steamer-1-150x150If you need an inexpensive steamer exclusively for domestic blinds, pay attention to hand-held devices. Outwardly, they look like electric kettles and operate on a similar principle. If you plan to iron curtains just for yourself (you have no company, making curtains), such a model would be sufficient. Just have to work carefully: with a strong inclination water overflow, and you run the risk of burns.

Select hand-steamer as possible and if someone in your family often goes on business trips: With this compact device, you will quickly in order suit, robe or dress. Moreover, some models are used instead of the kettle, which is very convenient in the road.

Stationary vertical steamers

These devices are somewhat similar to a vacuum cleaner: to tank hose is attached at the end of which is a small brush or a hair iron with holes for the steam.

Do not confuse the steamer with steam generators: the latter at the end of the tube real big iron. Steamer smoothes things vertically, directly on the rack, and steam iron must be used on an ironing board.

elite-garment-steamer-by-pursteamVertical steamer called fixed because it is inconvenient to carry a due size. And here at home, he does not stand still: small wheels on the bottom of the tank make it easy to move the unit to the desired point of the apartment. For curtains, such a device is ideal: you can carry it with you from room to room and to steam all the curtains on the windows.

Vertical models are divided into three types:

low-cost low-power devices that issue a couple of 20-25 ml per minute;
average cost and power consumption of the device with 30-50 ml of water per minute;
steamers expensive last generation with the vapor stream from the 55 ml per minute.

The more powerful model to choose, the more steam it will allocate for a period of time. The first two groups of steam rises through the tube devices gravity. It is vital that sole steamer properly warmed, otherwise condensation will appear on it. If you just bring a hair iron to the fabric, it will remain on the wet spots. You also need to adapt to properly hold the handle of the device, otherwise the water will start to splash out of the tube.

Stationary steamer for curtains puresteam-xl-high-powered-standing-fabric-steamer-150x150the latest generation of Steamers operate on a different principle: here the water from the tank is fed drop by drop. Each drop, falling to the heater, "explodes", turning into vapor. This steam does not leave streaks and comes out only when the valve device opens the handle. Of course, for curtains or any other apparel of the last generation steamer is ideal, only it costs 2-3 times more expensive than low-power models.

Important: if a small amount of work, you can choose an inexpensive or a mid-price device. If you have large items to steam or you're working in the studio (clothing store), prefer expensive steamer with fanfare: it will save you a lot of time.


As for brands, the most positive feedback from Kromax, Super Jet, Zauber and Grand Master. Also good model have Philips. When choosing pay attention to such indicators:

power (the higher, the better to smooth folds);
tank volume (large tank allows for longer does not fill the water, but it increases the weight of the device);
the existence of different nozzles;
additional functions (Auto, overheating protection, etc..).

If the unit is rack, then it should be of sufficient height (the higher the better), because to steam clothes squatting - a dubious pleasure.

Returning to your question, let's sum up:

if only need a steamer for home curtains, and someone from your family travels frequently, you can choose a hand-held device;
if a small amount of work, give preference to low-cost or average price of a stationary unit;
if you own a shop or store curtains, choose the latest-generation model.

Remember: a good steamer is able to save you a lot of time and effort, so too cheap devices of dubious origin is better not to buy.

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