1. iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot – First In The 500 Series Of Vacuum Robots

The iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot is a step ahead its predecessors but possibly a bit behind the more recently released Roombas (notably the new 500 series and the 600 series). However this appliance still does a fine job at cleaning carpets and sweeping floor surfaces. But it lacks a homing feature so that it can automatically re-charge itself when not in use. For this reason it is cheaper than the newer cleaners.

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The Roomba 510 features an updated cleaning system and well-organized coverage patterns. All your cleaning can be accomplished in a simple push of a button. Since it measures 16 inches by 17 inches by 5 inches; its small frame enables it to clean even hard to reach areas. Below are other amazing features of this device:

It has spinning side brushes for easy grabbing of dirt and dust from corners and from wall edges;
It also has counter-rotating, high speed brushes for picking up cat litter, pet hair, food crumbs and all kinds of debris.
Its vacuum can suck up debris and then deposits it into large, bagless dust bins;
It has an improved filtration system which enables it to trap pollens, dust and other kinds of allergen;
Its cleaning head can adjust automatically for added convenience. This means, it can easily transition from tile and linoleum wood and vice versa;
It features an anti-tangle technology – allowing it to avoid getting stuck on rug fringe and cords;
It has a virtual wall system to let you input off-limit areas.

The Roomba 510 Robot is regarded by a lot of homemakers as a “blessing”. It answered their prayer for an effective yet non-tiring way to clean the house. Now, you can leave this vacuum robot on the floor to do its job while you do other chores like cooking and doing the laundry or just nothing at all.

You also don’t need to keep on checking if it missed a spot because it doesn’t. After it cleans one room meticulously, it proceeds to the next.

It could be just what you need for teenagers who especially hate doing household chores, no more excuses, just set the robot off and running.

The iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot belongs to the 500 series robots which are upgraded from the 400 series with the latest robot technologies. Basically it has better floor coverage than the previous models.

It lets you get through vacuuming sessions with little to possibly no effort at all (That is, not unless you regard “pushing the button” as “effort” on your part).

Its 3-stage cleaning system allows it to work its way through hard floors and carpets. It is extremely efficient and high tech. it is no wonder this vacuuming robot has surpassed its predecessors.

2. iRobot Roomba 44001 Vacuum Cleaning Robot – Gives You Less Time Devoted To Chores And More Time For The Family

The iRobot 44001 Roomba Vacuum-Cleaning Robot is an older model of the popular vacuum robot brand. However from all reports, it still does a good job of cleaning carpets and floors. With this said, some of the features that make the later models so much more convenient are not on this model. And the price reflects this. In fact, this is one of the cheaper Roomba vacuum cleaners you will find so it might be a good place to start if you are interested in trying these appliances.

More on the Roomba 44001 Vacuum Cleaning Robot iRobot Roomba 44001

So the Roomba 44001 has the push button mode to start cleaning and getting rid of dirt as well as debris.

It's dimensions are 13.2 inches by 13.2 inches by 3.2 inches it so it is small and unobtrusive when going about it's paces. Here are the best features which this vacuum robot can offer:

  • It can work through any type of hard surface flooring as well as low to medium pile carpet sizes. It is convenience and flexibility rolled into one small package;
  • It has dirt sensors, counter rotating brushes, a spot mode and a gentle touch bumper system for a more thorough and precise cleaning system;
  • It features built-in sensors as well as a virtual wall system for cleaning hard to reach areas;
  • It comes with a power supply and rechargeable battery to ensure the job gets done;
  • The package comes with an extra filter and a brush cleaning tool.
  • It comes with a one year limited warranty.

It should be noted that it doesn't have a self returning mechanism like newer models that return to the charging hub. You have to manually recharge the battery, which doesn't last as long as the newer versions.

With this said, iRobot 44001 Roomba Vacuum-Cleaning Robot is a homemaker’s dream come true. It has the ability to keep floors effortlessly clean. It can work with tile, linoleum, wood ad even carpets.

It has brushes that can lift pet hair, dust, food crumbs and even cat litter. It is also intelligent enough to determine the room size and to adjust its run time.

This way, it can clean the entire floor area thoroughly. Its gentle touch bumper system can sense obstacles allowing it to slow down and to go around the object. When it comes to dirtier areas, it actually knows that it should spend more time cleaning them.

These amazing features definitely brought a smile on the faces of hundreds to thousands of homeowners.

iRobot Roomba 44001 Vacuum Cleaning RobotEven single parents can work with these devices. No more tiring and stressful days coming home to dirty floors after a whole day in the office.

Just push the button and get on with something more important like cooking dinner, helping the kids with homework or just having a bit of time to yourself with a glass of champagne or some other tipple.

The iRobot 44001 Roomba Vacuum-Cleaning Robot is very powerful and very effective in cleaning homes thoroughly and meticulously. It is also very easy to use so even children are excited to use it. With this device, you don’t need to labor all day sweeping, mopping and bending over chairs and tables just to clean the underneath spaces. It is comfort and convenience in one amazing package.

What most homeowners are saying about this device is that aside from the fact that it can clean the house thoroughly, it is also highly entertaining to watch it work. For an affordable price, you have your work done for you. This means, you have more time to spend with your family or loved ones.

Long gone are the days when we used to live in stuffed houses with poor air-conditioning. Technology has taken over and provided easier and more comfortable thermostats which helps regulate our heating and cooling systems in our houses. If you need a proper heating and cooling for great comfort while reducing your energy usage then a thermostat could be your best bet. If you have been skylocking online for a while you may have come across several thermostat reviews and you will realize that most of them are digitized with cool features providing augmented household comfort. There are several types of thermostats including automatic and the programmable ones. Lets delve deep and look at some of the types:


Mostly identified by their LCD or LED digital readouts and data entry pads, they are the most flexible offering wide range of features. Digital thermostats can be used with the common cooling and heating systems. Using digital thermostats can be tricky sometimes when programming them to operate and produce comfortable range of temperature. The programmable feature enables to regulate and set thermostat according to your needs and save energy. For instance, during the day you can set it to regulate temperatures as the weather changes while at night it provides the right temperatures for a good night sleep.


As the name suggests, hybrid is a combination of several technologies involving the digital and manual thermostats. The reason to have this type of thermostat is to just simplify the usage in households.These thermostats can combined and used with most systems including heat pumps.


They are sometimes referred as EM and are usually the easiest to use and maintain in your house. Their usage is guided by manual controls such as the movable tabs which enable a user to set the day and night temperatures. Compared to the digital thermostats, electromechanical thermostats are not flexible and can only store daily temperature settings


This thermostats offer simplicity in your house but compared to others they lack enough flexibility. They do not rely on time of the day and provide great comfort that can last from an hour to twelve hours depending on the setting. They maintain the setback temperature until someone changes the settings of the level of heating and cooling. If not changed, the temperature returns to the setback .

Light sensing

This thermostats depend on the amount of light available in the room to activate its heating system. When lighting levels increase to normal, temperatures adjust automatically for comfort conditions in the room. Contrary, when the lighting is reduced the thermostat senses the unoccupied conditions with help of photocell and allow space temperatures to fall. This is one of the best thermostats because they reset automatically in case of power failures unlike the programmable ones using batteries. They can be best suited in offices, stores and living rooms where lighting is determined by occupancy.

Final word:

When buying a thermostat, you should make sure you know the exact requirements of your house before choosing a thermostat. You should ask yourself:

-Is it compatible with your needs and the wiring system in your house?
-If you want to save energy,what is the amount of energy used by the thermostat?
-How easy is it to operate the device by yourself?

Most people now use the programmable and automatic thermostats because of their capabilities to use batteries instead of electrical wiring. Make sure to go through some thermostat reviews to get the best suited thermostat for your comfort in your home.

Species Garment Steamer is really a lot. If you want to select the appropriate device, say to yourself a few questions:

  • how often you intend to use the steamer?
  • how much work he has to?
  • you need only model for curtains, or you also want to steam garments, suits and dresses?
  • how much you're willing to give up?

Hand steamer for curtains

1. Hand Model
2. Stationary vertical steamers
3. Brands

Hand model

esteam-personal-hand-held-steamer-1-150x150If you need an inexpensive steamer exclusively for domestic blinds, pay attention to hand-held devices. Outwardly, they look like electric kettles and operate on a similar principle. If you plan to iron curtains just for yourself (you have no company, making curtains), such a model would be sufficient. Just have to work carefully: with a strong inclination water overflow, and you run the risk of burns.

Select hand-steamer as possible and if someone in your family often goes on business trips: With this compact device, you will quickly in order suit, robe or dress. Moreover, some models are used instead of the kettle, which is very convenient in the road.

Stationary vertical steamers

These devices are somewhat similar to a vacuum cleaner: to tank hose is attached at the end of which is a small brush or a hair iron with holes for the steam.

Do not confuse the steamer with steam generators: the latter at the end of the tube real big iron. Steamer smoothes things vertically, directly on the rack, and steam iron must be used on an ironing board.

elite-garment-steamer-by-pursteamVertical steamer called fixed because it is inconvenient to carry a due size. And here at home, he does not stand still: small wheels on the bottom of the tank make it easy to move the unit to the desired point of the apartment. For curtains, such a device is ideal: you can carry it with you from room to room and to steam all the curtains on the windows.

Vertical models are divided into three types:

low-cost low-power devices that issue a couple of 20-25 ml per minute;
average cost and power consumption of the device with 30-50 ml of water per minute;
steamers expensive last generation with the vapor stream from the 55 ml per minute.

The more powerful model to choose, the more steam it will allocate for a period of time. The first two groups of steam rises through the tube devices gravity. It is vital that sole steamer properly warmed, otherwise condensation will appear on it. If you just bring a hair iron to the fabric, it will remain on the wet spots. You also need to adapt to properly hold the handle of the device, otherwise the water will start to splash out of the tube.

Stationary steamer for curtains puresteam-xl-high-powered-standing-fabric-steamer-150x150the latest generation of Steamers operate on a different principle: here the water from the tank is fed drop by drop. Each drop, falling to the heater, "explodes", turning into vapor. This steam does not leave streaks and comes out only when the valve device opens the handle. Of course, for curtains or any other apparel of the last generation steamer is ideal, only it costs 2-3 times more expensive than low-power models.

Important: if a small amount of work, you can choose an inexpensive or a mid-price device. If you have large items to steam or you're working in the studio (clothing store), prefer expensive steamer with fanfare: it will save you a lot of time.


As for brands, the most positive feedback from Kromax, Super Jet, Zauber and Grand Master. Also good model have Philips. When choosing pay attention to such indicators:

power (the higher, the better to smooth folds);
tank volume (large tank allows for longer does not fill the water, but it increases the weight of the device);
the existence of different nozzles;
additional functions (Auto, overheating protection, etc..).

If the unit is rack, then it should be of sufficient height (the higher the better), because to steam clothes squatting - a dubious pleasure.

Returning to your question, let's sum up:

if only need a steamer for home curtains, and someone from your family travels frequently, you can choose a hand-held device;
if a small amount of work, give preference to low-cost or average price of a stationary unit;
if you own a shop or store curtains, choose the latest-generation model.

Remember: a good steamer is able to save you a lot of time and effort, so too cheap devices of dubious origin is better not to buy.


Therefore unearthly sensations I decided to save money, but the ergonomic pillow with memory bought from Ikea. And you know, oddly enough, it was a very worthy replacement. Sleep on it very convenient. Although the manual is written that we must get used to it, I did not need to get used to. As soon as you lie down on it, the body just takes the right position and relax. Convenient and neck, and the shoulders and the head, which, although it is much lower than on a conventional pillow, but it is not felt. Drowning in it as well as tempura, though there is no feeling of weightlessness, it does not seem that you soar in the air. But compared to a conventional pillow even regular foam-memory many times wins.

Inside urethane foam is packaged in a pouch, removable top pillowcase of cotton and polyester, washable. This, again, is not soft velor cover on have Tempur, but when top dressing own pillow case, the difference in cover is not felt.

And one important difference. Ikea Pillow is available in one size to the whole world. And it is fundamentally wrong. At least it was necessary to release the children's version. Because he could not sleep and the teenager, and a tall man and a fat woman on a bed of the same size. All the different parameters of the body, shoulder width, head size. Pillows from Ikea is, as I understand it, the pillow for the average man of medium height, medium build. For women it is a fragile little too big, too small for big men. Kids will be comfortable on it, it seems to me years at most, with 14. I was lucky, in our family she went to all, but I know many who could not sleep on it.

And one important difference. Ikea Pillow is available in one size to the whole world. And it is fundamentally wrong. At least it was necessary to release the children's version. Because he could not sleep and the teenager, and a tall man and a fat woman on a bed of the same size. All the different parameters of the body, shoulder width, head size. Pillows from Ikea is, as I understand it, the pillow for the average man of medium height, medium build. For women it is a fragile little too big, too small for big men. Kids will be comfortable on it, it seems to me years at most, with 14. I was lucky, in our family she went to all, but I know many who could not sleep on it.

Hoover CLEANPLUS Carpet Cleaner and DeodorizerFirst of all I do not like carpet in the apartment. But when grown my miracle, and the baby started crawling all over the apartment, we had to lay all floors. But then we are faced with a new problem the constant cleaning of carpets. It was difficult, that we could not find a good, safe and high-quality tool.
And here as a friend of mine advised me to shampoo carpets Hoover CLEANPLUS Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer, said that he copes with any impurities in the 5 It consists of 15% anionic surfactants, <0.05%, additive <0.5% optical brightener, <0.05% preservative, flavoring.
Firstly we have not only tried this shampoo, it has become our irreplaceable assistant at home cleaning. This tool is intended to clean not only the carpet, but also for textile furniture hammering walls. It copes well with deep impurities, perfectly cleanses, refreshes and gives the effect of cleaning the carpets.
After shampooing carpets get shine and novelty, and the room becomes cool. The tool is economical in its use, it is not expensive, so it is really. Another advantage is, and the fact that the shampoo can be used both manually and in all types of cleaning vacuum cleaners. I recommend a shampoo for carpets as an indispensable helper in the home cleaning

Meal Replacement ShakesFor those wishing for an easy, yet practical approach to weight loss, meal replacement shakes present the ideal answer. These meal replacement shakes are used as substitutes for a meal of solid food. They are usually medically prescribed and have a moderate carbohydrate, low fat, and high protein content, along with minerals and vitamins. The most frequent users of the meal replacement shakes are people who are looking to lose weight and bodybuilders. Through these shakes, the body gets its essential supply of nutrients even as hunger is suppressed. The bodybuilders, who need 5-6 meals daily, gain by saving on cooking and eating time; whereas suppression of hunger keeps the overweight people from consuming fatty foods. Meal replacement shakes should be taken in combination with the regular food meals taken during the day.

Meal ReplacementIdeally, these drinks are not meant to be continued for a prolonged period. Those who are having them for the purpose of losing weight should start their meal replacement program by replacing two main meals of the day. However, as the weight reduces, it would be better to increase regular food intake and reduce the meal replacement product to one meal only. All these shakes do not contain the same amount and type of nutrients. For healthy weight loss meal, replacement shakes should be supplemented with valuable nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This maintains parity in nutrient ratio and keeps the bowel movement fine. It also ensures that while your weight reduces, you do not feel faint or weak. No matter how safe and efficient these shakes are, you must never rely solely on them. Combine their use with healthier lifestyle choices and a reasonable amount of exercise.

Though used primarily for weight loss, the meal replacement shakes have several other benefits as well. Their various uses are:

  • At times, when you are too busy at work or in a rush to go and cannot spare a chance to eat a proper meal, these shakes offer an excellent, healthy and quick alternative. It is much better to have the shake instead of gulping down a burger and a cola.
  • The meal replacement drinks are high in proteins but low in calories. Proteins help in building more of muscle tissues and less of fat.
  • When you have undergone surgery or have dental issues and can consume only a liquid diet, such healthy shakes can be great replacements for food.
  • The shakes are quite handy for people who have the tendency to skip meals. Carelessness towards your body's needs and skipping meals, especially breakfast, is quite familiar with the young generation. These drinks can compensate for at least a part of the required nutrition.

The popularity of meal replacement shakes lies in their effectiveness, easy use, relatively inexpensive, decent taste, and availability in a variety of flavors.